AirFi complies to the EASA SIB 2016-08

Schiphol Airport – July 21th 2016

EASA released on July 15, 2016 a Safety Information Bulletin (Operations; 2016-08) detailing requirements for Portable Electronic Devices belonging to the Operator.
In this SIB the European Aviation Safety Agency is “concerned about the risks associated with the broad use by aircraft operators of portable equipment devices (PEDs) containing lithium batteries that exceed the limits imposed by the Technical Instructions (TI)”, and it seems to be referring specifically to portable wireless network solutions such as AirFi.

AirFi’s official response to the EASA SIB-2016-08 is that it has carefully studied the SIB and concludes that all AirFi Solutions are within the limits as cited within the “Recommendations” of the SIB. The AirFi Box Solutions, both the Moon and Venus model are designed for Safety as well as ease of deployment.

Compliance by design

AirFi products are entirely designed to be compliant with airline regulations and safety requirements. Every single component is custom designed to operate inside an aircraft. Martijn Moret (CTO AIRFI): “At AirFi we never question safety, else there would be no room for us in the aviation industry.” Next to having our products designed along the safety requirements, we also have included several preventive safety features that manage, monitor and track the performance of the AirFi boxes on a continues basis. Job Heimerikx (CEO AirFi): “We see the SIB as a great support to what we want to achieve within the Airline IFE industry with our type of solution and specially on how we approach safety within our product development.”

Clear criteria for selection

AirFi applauds the steps taken by EASA and is very happy with this SIB. The reason why is that we are seeing more and more solutions coming to the market as portable wireless network solution using standard, off the shelve components like tablets, changeable battery packs etc. that may fall outside the recommendations of the SIB because they are by design not created to be used as aircraft grade material.

For more information:
Please contact Job Heimerikx, CEO MI Airline: job.heimerikx at, +31 6 24626585.

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